Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little get-away!

Rory planned this BIG surprise for me this weekend to celebrate school's ending! Saturday afternoon, we headed up to Park City and stayed a night! We both have been really busy lately so it was really fun to spend some time together!
Us leaving our house!
Tubing Hill!

Our Hotel: Treasure Mountain Inn. Really nice! All newly remodeled! It is located at the top of main street. Rory left me little hints during the week about the location! It drove me crazy! I hate not knowing about surprises!

Dinner at Baja Catina! Yumm! Our favorite!
Lovin his TJ Taxi!

We ate breakfast at the Eating Establishment. Really good food!

Thanks Rory for such a fun weekend together! Love you!!!

Unofficial End to Graduate School!

Yes, after 1 1/2 years of sheer torture, I am finally done with graduate school...well, unofficially. Next semester is just externships! I'm not saying that they will be any easier! Actually I am quite convinced of the opposite, but FINALLY no more class! It was a bitter sweet ending...Everyone up there has sort of become my second family! I did after all spend most of my time with them! The week before finals, we decided to get together to celebrate the unofficial ending! We went to Fat Cats for bowling and pizza. We also did White Elephant for Christmas. Here are some pics...Here is all of us, or at least those who could make it! Poor Peter (in the middle) who had to put up with all of us girls!

Even Rory joined the fun!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

So busy...

I know I have been slacking on updates! I have a lot to catch-up on. But if you guys don't mind...may I just give a brief run down!!

Rory completed his first Triathlons in November! Both incidentally called the Turkey Tri (or at least I think). One in Orem, and the other in St. George. I am so proud of him!

Next, Thanksgiving was good! We didn't go to St. George like we planned but had a nice dinner at my family's house. We also did the whole Black Friday Madness deal! Even my dad joined the fun after I told him everything was 50% off at the Bass outlet! haha so funny! We really got some good deals though so it was worth it!

It's coming down to the end of the semester and I am so jammed packed with clinic paperwork, group papers, and studying for finals! I seriously have been so grouchy lately so sorry if I have offended anyone! Rory really has to put up with so much right now. On top of all this, both Rory and I have caught this stupid cold! So frustrating! It feels like I have been sick since mid October! Oh yeah, I had Bronchitis since after coming back from our cruise (in case you didn't know). I just can't wait until December 15th afternoon! I will be DONE with graduate school! (well not officially but done with all my classes because Spring is only externships!) The Christmas break won't be much as I will be studying the whole time to take the Praxis in January. But overall I am just really excited to be done with what I will have to do over these next week and a half!
Well, I probably should be getting back to homework. This post acted somewhat like a break but I really need to get back! I have to much to do! Hope everyone will have a wonderful Christmas! Hopefully I will post something new before then...