Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ultimate Jazz fans!!

Rory found this on facebook in the Utah Jazz Fans page!
Two thumbs up!! Go Jazz!!

One whole year!

Well, since we already went on our "Anniversary Cruise" vacation back in May, our first year celebration was pretty low-key. Rory and I spent the weekend finishing our garage by priming and painting the walls!

It was hard work but we are happy with the end product!

Here is Rory hard at work!! Finally after 3 hours of using rollers, Rory went down to Home Depot and rented this spray gun! Well worth the money! It saved our arms as well as hours of unnecessary labor!
By the end of it all, we both looked like ghosts! I teased Rory that this was what we are going to look like in 50 years!

A first-year anniversary isn't complete without a little wedding cake! After painting, we went to dinner and came home to eat some of this yummy cake, courteous of Glauss Bakery (the very same bakery we used for our wedding last year!).

We can't believe that it has been a whole year already! How time flies!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Money in the Bank!

Wow, the only time I love getting a letter from the IRS. Can you say "Stimulus Check"? My happiness was short lived when I saw my credit card bill. O well... I am sorry to say Courtney and I will not be retiring this year.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fresh Start to Summer!

Over the weekend, Rory and I got outside to enjoy this great summer weather to garden! We planted tons of flowers, about 6 tomato plants, and our newly acquired Washington Naval Orange tree...well it is more like a bush.
It was so nice to finally plant some colorful flowers in our pots out front and in our dreary backyard!As you can see, Hutch was not much help. He simply sat out sun-baking until it was time for us to release the lady bugs we bought from Home Depot. I think Hutch chased every ladybug out of our yard! Too bad...They really are good for the plants!
The ladybugs flew everywhere! Rory had so many crawling on him! It was lots of fun!
Well, maybe we did better planting these pots last year, but I still think they turned out ok!
After that day though, Rory is no longer allowed to be anywhere near knifes! Smart as he is, he still managed to stab himself in the ankle while we were enjoying our day's work out on our porch! Rory insisted that I put this picture on...sorry for those with a weak stomach! It was pretty gruesome! Blood was everywhere! I'm just glad we were outside!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The good old days

Doesn't this make you sick?!? Sucks that even though Rory and I drive a natural gas car, we pay for the ever increasing gas prices with the rising cost of other goods! What to do?.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hutch has a visit!

Well our little puppy is growing up! He now has a girlfriend! Last week, Hallie, the Copinga's dog, came to stay. They were really great with eachother except when it came to bones or rawhides! They had some mean brawls and I tell yah, Hallie puts up a great fight!! I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship! Unfortunately, it has now turned "long distance" and Hutch is very depressed! I give him a couple of days to get over it....

Monday, June 9, 2008

May in Review

Well so far this summer has been really fun and eventful for us! Here's for all who want catch up on what we have been up to!
Feels good to finally graduate, even though I have two more years of grad school! I look forward to attending the U Speech Pathology program in the fall; but until then I'm soaking up every minute I have this summer! Talking about soaking-it-up, Rory and I along with my fam. headed for St. George a few weeks ago! It was so nice to have the whole family together again! It was great weather and we really enjoyed ourselves!
After the St. George weekend getaway, Rory and I decided to keep driving to San Diego and go on a Mexican Carnival Cruise!! We were already half-way to California and didn't want to go back to work in SLC so it just made sense!! It turned out to be one of our funnest trips together! The food was great and it was really relaxing!
The boat wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either! Our stateroom was very roomy and there were tons of things to do everyday!! I have to admit though that I did get sea sick. One would think all those trips to Lake Powell every year when I was young would cure all that?! Oh well, nothing a little Dramamine couldn't fix... Our first port-of-call was in Cabo San Lucas! We didn't plan any shore excursions, so instead we just hung out at this super nice resort all afternoon! Amazing food and great sunshine...well at least for me. Rory opted to rest under our own private cabana all afternoon drinking pina coladas (virgin of course).
Rory turned out to be quite the volunteer on the ship! Here he is with our cruise director Stew from down-unda during the very-excited horse racing activity, during which Rory annouced the beginning to every race with a creative hollar! I only wish I could have taken pics during the hypnotist where he was told to be Michael Jackson and dance across the stage to Thriller! It was hillarious!
Our second port-of-call was in Ensanada, Mexico. Rory rates this city one grade higher than TJ. It was pretty ghetto in town. We decided to venture off on a shopping tour to the famous blowhole, which turned out to be pretty disappointing! The shops were filled with people and and really annoying vendors! "Come buy a purse amigo...I'll give you a special price!" Whatever, everything was crap and totally a rip-off. So we didn't end up buying anything. Oh well. There's always TJ right?