Monday, September 29, 2008

Signs of the time

I was amazed today when I saw the figures from Wall Street: almost 800 points lost resulting in one of the worst days in stock market history! With this new bailout proposal, that just today, didn't pass the house, it makes you think: What caused this collapse in the economy? Good question. Rory showed me a video on you tube. I know what you're thinking...bad source right? Besides where it came from, it makes you think. Watch it, it goes by quickly so have the pause button handy to read all the parts. Afterwards research the Community Reinvestment Act. This really opened my eyes!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Farmer's Market

After a hard week of studying and working, Rory and I last week ventured downtown to the Farmer's Market. We came home with a lot of goodies! I highly suggest shopping at your own local markets if available!! Buying local is great for you and for the environment!

With our natural gas civics, compost worm bin, and just recently, purchasing the Harmon's green reusable shopping bags, Rory and I have become quite the eco-friendly couple! Below are some great resources to research how your family can become green! Yes...I know, we are big eco-dorks...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to Reality!

Like I promised...more posts. Well, we haven't been doing much since summer ended, which is a good excuse for the lack of posts. Back to reality I suppose! School started up again for me and Rory has just been busy with his work!!We seriously now feel like an old couple: being boring homebodies and going to bed at 10:00! We both come home and just either crash on the couch or go straight to bed!!

School is tough but I'm managing. Between clinic and class, it is a lot to take in!! This week was especially draining because I was preparing for an exam like crazy!! I think I ended up doing pretty good though...

It all starts over tomorrow for yet another exam this week...Only difference is that I actually enjoy this class so it shouldn't be too bad studying for the test! Lets hope, right?! Well I certainly got myself into this, so I shouldn't be complaining!! I think I will like it a lot more in the actual field on not just in the classroom. Only two more years....

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Well, I realize I have been slacking on our blogging! Sorry to all those who are even remotely interested in what we have been up to! I'll try harder, I promise! More entries are coming! Stay tuned...