Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mexico Cruise

Just an update: We were planing on going on a 7 day Mexico cruise but with the whole swine flu and the fact that we don't want to die on a boat, they have re-routed the cruise and now it's going to San Fransisco??? That sounds so fun! NOT!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I know that I should make better use of my time and post a real post, however, I really have to get back to clinic reports and paperwork!! Just wanted to let you all know that Rory and I are still alive (in case you were wondering!). I have been super busy with school, trying to wrap up the semester. Rory is still working hard trying to earn the doe! A couple of other great things lately: Easter was great, my little brother Jake went to the MTC on Wednesday (pictures to come), Rory and I have become board-game nerds, and Hutch is officially an executioner! (Longer story) I promise to elaborate but if I keep procrastinating on my homework, I will be up again all night like the other week! (not sure if I talked about that one either...geez! I really need to keep up on this blogging)
Hope all is well with everyone out there! Again, stay tuned for more updates....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Movin on Up!!!

As everyone knows the Real estate market has been way down and My business has been way up so Courtney and I wanted to take advantage of the great home deals. We made an offer on a home this week and they accepted the offer!!! We liked this house because it is closer to my work and it should allow us to have a few kids with plenty of space.

Take a look!!!