Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 23rd Rory!!

Rory celebrated his 23rd Birthday on the 14th! It has been tradition that we all go to the Bonzai Japanese Steakhouse for dinner on his B-days. It was so-o yummy!

We also planned a dual B-day party with our friends to celebrate both Rory and Nate's Birthdays! We had all of our friends over, or those who could make it that is... It was such a great day, someone brought up the idea of sitting outside in the backyard. Unfortunately we don't have patio furniture, so we all sat picnic style on a blanket. It was fun to visit and eat the yummy BBQ!
Rory got golf clubs for his present this year! For the past two weeks, we have gone almost every day golfing! I tried a Par 3 at Mick Riley Golf Course and actually did pretty well (or so they told me)!! Now I have become hooked...not very good but we try!!
Happy Birthday Rory!! I love you!

Busy Summer Wrap-up

Rory and I have had such an fun and excited last couple weeks of summer! Too busy to sit down and blog I guess...so here is what we have been up to for the month of August:

Our good friends Issak and Beth got married on 8/8/08. It was a beautiful wedding! For our gift, Rory and I wanted to decorate their hotel room!
It was fun shopping for all the candles, roses, chocolate covered strawberries...etc. I can't believe how great it turned out!!
It looked a lot better in real life of course...

Luckily, Danny, Annie, and Roy offered their help to decorate! We would not have been able to do it all without them!! Danny and Rory were little pyros!! I was praying that we wouldn't set the whole place on fire!!!