Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Great Outdoors!

Yes, well Rory and I have become quite the outdoor couple! For the remaining of the holiday weekend, we joined my family camping up near the Timberlakes area on a sweet 300 + acre property, thanks to Travis's family hookups!! It was so-o fun up there! We went fishing, four-wheeling, and just hung out! Hutch LOVED it up there, except when we threw him in the water! It was his first time swimming and he was a natural...went straight for the shore! He didn't trust us much after that... Four wheeling up into the Unitas was absolutely amazing! We thought that kind of seclusion only existed in places like Yellowstone! Overall, we had a great time! Sunday, my little bro Jake had his Court of Honor. Good job Eagle! We are so proud of you!

Happy 24th!

Rory and I have been none stop this summer, including this past holiday weekend! Thursday included hiking to Mt. Timpanogos cave and later enjoying dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Rory's family! Yummy-it was so good! Rory went a little crazy again with the camera, so here are a few of his best shots...

Yah, we are so strong!

I'm on top of the world!!

Courtney and Kelly

Waiting for our tour...

The cave was so amazing! An added feature is that the cave stays a constant 46 degrees! So going from a sweltering 95+ outside to the inside cool temp was quite refreshing! Rory was like a Japanese tourist inside the cave, taking pictures right and left!! I won't post any of the formations pics, but everything was super amazing!

After the long day of hiking, we enjoyed a yummy steak and ribs dinner! It was so good!

Friday, July 18, 2008


July 12-15

Last weekend, Rory and I had a great time camping in Yellowstone National Park!! It was so beautiful up there! From bison walking down the road, to river otters hanging out in Trout Lake; we couldn't believe all the wildlife we saw! We even saw a mama Black Bear and her cub from far away from the road! Overall, we had a really fun time! We took so many pictures, I thought I would just share them all! Check out our slideshow!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Camping Mt Timp!

Well, with nothing better to do last weekend, Rory and I headed up American Fork Canyon Friday to beautiful Mt Timpanogos. We hoped to find a campsite but instead, all that was available were these "disperse-camping" areas. I'm not one for roughing it so we should have just left; but we gave it a shot anyway...What a MISTAKE! We had to hike in all of our crap up and down a steap hill, our spot was so slanted, and the mosquitos were so bad!!! Needless to say, we left first thing the next morning (yes, at 6:30 a.m. we were out of there; tent and all)!!
Isaak and Beth went up the next day as planned and FOUND a campsite at Timpanooke campground!! I couldn't believe it! We went up for dinner Saturday night and again Sunday afternoon to hike Sundance! It was a great hike and we had a lot of fun!!
When we arrived to the Waterfall, it started to rain like crazy!! We were soaking wet as we ran from the downpour! It was actually nice for me because, thanks to my mother's jeans, I don't sweat that much (just get red in the face), so the rain acted as a subsitute! Hutch hates any sort of water! He was squinting his eyes and was trying to run for cover! It was really funny...