Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mirror Lake Camping

Last weekend, Rory and I went up camping at Mirror Lake with our friends Isaak and Beth. It was really fun! (Good idea guys!)

Bald Mountain

It was just a short drive, maybe hour and 30 mins, but it was worth it! It was so nice to get out of the heat of the city and enjoy fresh air of these beautiful mountains that we have! Rory and I agree that we live in such a beautiful state!
A bit chilly at night but it was perfect in front of the fire!
Here was our set up. We were able to fit on one single campsite which was nice (saved money).
You can see Milo and Koda chillen on the ground...We definately ate well! Wish we took more pics of our food cause we cooked up some great dishes! Friday night: grilled chicken, pasta salad, beans, and grilled pinapple! Sat: grilled sausage, corn, beans (yes again put different flavor), and shishkabobs. So good!!!
Isaak and Beth
I always enjoy the smores....Milo and KodaSaturday was spent down at the lake. Great day except for the stupid weather... Hutchie just loved it up there! He loved rolling around to get dirty and rubbing his face in smells! Don't worry a big bath was waiting for him when we got home. This is Rory "not-so-happy-cause-my-Walmart-fishing-pole-sucks" picture. He didn't want me to take the photo but I thought he might someday look back, laugh, and realized I told him so!Like I said, weather wasn't the greatest. After fishing at the lake for a couple of hours, we came back for a nap. Later on, the clouds came rolling in and just poured down!!! Sure glad we had a rain fly for our tent! Hutch got a scared from the thunder so he snuggled by Rory. They both fell asleep. So cute...
All and all really fun weekend! Much needed break from school and work!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter Mania!

Yes, Rory and I saw it! Rory got pre-showing tickets through his work! It was great! Now I just have to finish reading the book (including the last book)!!