Friday, October 23, 2009

Cruise Junkies

So for Fall break, I wasn 't expecting much. Just sitting at home, studying my homework...blah blah...that is what Rory had me convinced. So when I got home that Thursday night, ready to begin my Fall break, Rory let me in on a HUGE surprise! He had booked an 8 day cruise to Mexico. I was stunned to say the least! I started freaken out because of all the stuff I had to do! We planned on leaving the next day to drive to St. George, stay that night at Rory's brother's, then drive all day Saturday to CA. Thanks to the publishings of Glenn Beck, the ride was not that bad! And thanks to our NGV car, it didn't even cost that much either!

So, here was the itinerary:
Sat, Oct 10 San Diego, CA
Sun, Oct 11 Fun Day at Sea
Mon, Oct 12 Fun Day at Sea
Tues, Oct 13 Manzanillo, Mexico Arrive
Wed, Oct 14 Zihuatavnejo/Ixtapa, Mexico (our fav.)
Thurs, Oct 15 Acapulco, Mexico Arrive
Fri, Oct 16 Fun Day at Sea
Sat, Oct 17 Fun Day at Sea
Sun, Oct 18 San Diego, CA

Here are some pics! We had such a great time! Thanks Rory!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So we decided to get our membership back to Life Time Fitness. It was nice and cheap when the weather was good to just go run outside but it's too cold now. We love Life Time because they have everything there and it's a family gym so the meatheads are at a minimum plus the place is very nice.

We really love this free "No Limit circuit" class it's on Monday and Wednesday nights. It really kicks butt one of the best work outs. They also have a lot of other free classes. I plan on swimming and running a lot more because I (Rory) plan on doing a Triathlon next month. I need a lot of work!

I am also in the market for a Heart rate monitor if anyone has some ideas or good deals leave me a comment I am a newbie at this stuff also If anyone is interested I have a few seven-day passes if you would like to try the gym.

Here are a few pictures I stole online: (All the gyms are the same)