Monday, November 22, 2010

St. George Turkey TRI

The whole family went down to St. George two weekends ago for the annual Turkey Triathlon, sprint distance. When I say the whole family, I am talking about BOTH sides of the family, Rory's and mine. My sisters and I did a relay: Afton swam, I biked, and Adrienne ran. We did pretty good! First place at the race, but then when looking online a few days later, another team popped up in first place?? Who knows where they came from, but it was still a close race! Afton and A definitely killed it on their parts. I think I could have improved my bike time. I really hadn't trained as hard as I should have....But it was really fun overall!

Rory went individual. Last year, this same TRI was one of Rory's first. He improved his time this year by almost 40 minutes!! It is SO crazy comparing his times from last year! I am so proud of him. Now he starts Ironman St. George training. We are 24 weeks away until IMSG in May. Rory has scheduled and planned out his training schedule. It looks pretty brutal! But I know he is going to do great! I'm very excited for him!

Also, Rory's mom and dad both did their first TRI. They did really well! We are both so proud of them.

So, as you can tell, our family loves TRIs! It is such a great motivator to stay in shape and exercise! I'll tell you, when I don't have a race planned, I don't care to ever get my butt to the gym. Which reminds me...I really need to plan MY next race. These races are for sure on my radar for next year (among others I haven't decided on yet):

Sprint Sprint TRI

Park City TRI

Herriman TRI

Somewhere in there I would love to do either a century (100 mile) bike ride, a half marathon, or maybe just both! Who has been pretty busy this year. The summer was great to have off for the training. So I'll just have to work out the time either before or after work...

To those of you out there, I would really recommend getting on this TRI bandwagon! Or just any type of racing. It really keeps you motivated!

Below is a video that Rory made of the Turkey TRI. Enjoy!!

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